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Nov, 2022

Rule Changes for 2023

Rule 3.09  has been changed. It now ALLOWS the manager or coach to warm up the pitcher. (Baseball and Softball)

6.08 - The batter becomes a runner and is entitled to first base without liability to be put out (provided said runner advances to and touches first base) when –(2) - All Divisions: The defense elects to “Intentionally Walk” the batter by announcing such decision to the plate umpire. The request may be made prior to or during the at-bat. A player may only be intentionally walked by announcing such decision to the home plate umpire one time during the course of the game. This would not restrict a team from throwing four balls outside of the strike zone to this batter at another time during the game.

NOTE 1: Such notification must be made by the defensive manager. The manager must request and be granted “time” by the umpire and then inform the umpire of the defense’s intent to walk the batter.NOTE 2: The ball is dead and no other runners may advance unless forced by the batter’s award. The appropriate number of “balls” needed based on the count on the batter at the time of the manager’s request to complete the Intentional Walk will be added to the pitch count. (Baseball and Softball) 

7.13 - Little League (Major) and Minor League: When a pitcher is in contact with the pitcher’s plate and in possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catcher’s box ready to receive delivery of the ball, base runners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has reached the batter.

 NOTE: Tee Ball: Base runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball is hit. When players have advanced as far as possible without being put out or having been retired, the umpire shall call “time” and place the ball on the tee.

PENALTY: When a base runner leaves the base before the pitched ball has reached the batter and it is detected by the umpire, the ball is dead. “No Pitch” is declared and the runner is out.

NOTE 1: When an umpire detects a base runner leaving the base too soon, that umpire shall call “time,” and the ball is dead. “No Pitch” is declared, and the umpire shall call the runner out for leaving the base too soon. This is not an appeal play.(BASEBALL MINOR AND MAJOR DIVISIONS)